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Re: launchd and lookupd

I really feel that Debian is all about freedom of choice. launchd is a
great tool and you should be able to use it if you want to, so
including it in Debian is a Good Idea, IMHO of course. You should not
decide for _other_ people what will suit their needs.
BTW someone could create a very interesting desktop distibution using
these tools


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martin f krafft wrote:

>Apple has just released launchd, a init/cron/watchdog/etc.
>replacement. Has anyone looked at it? It seems like a bit of work to
It is not a good idea to replace multiple system utilities with one.
Right now I can install a different cron or inetd or atd, or I can
remove them. I don't think launchd is a viable alternative to all these
programs since it tries to do too much.

There are positives for apple for doing this, but I don't think they
translate to an open distribution like Debian.

- Adam

"Aspetto un'emozione sempre piu' indefinibile" (CCCP Fedeli alla linea)

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