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Bug#312605: percent sign in debian package names

Package: apt
Package: general package management
Version: up to

Hi there,

I tried to put a collection of debian packages on a tomcat webserver along 
with a Packages.gz for easy retrieval via apt-get. However the retrieval does 
not work whenever a percent sign is part of the filename (and the follwing 
two characters indicate a valid hex number) as tomcat interprets the escape 
sequence and retrieves the wrong file name.

According to rfc1630 percent signs are reserved for quoting and hence 
forbidden as (literal) part of a URI. So tomcat is doing nothing wrong.

Most other webservers do the percent expansion only in the query part of a URL 
so this problem does not occur there. Tweaking apt-get to send properly 
quoted URLs would break on other servers. Not desirable :-)

So I'd suggest to avoid the percent sign as part of a package file name.

Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards
	Holger Klawitter

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