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Re: PostgreSQL transition ahead

Hi Florian!

Florian Weimer [2005-06-07 19:24 +0200]:
> * Martin Pitt:
> > (2) PostgreSQL 8.0 brought a new SONAME for libpq (libpq4), which
> >     removed a few symbols which were only intended for internal use,
> >     but were used nevertheless by some client apps (like "psql").
> >     libpq4 can talk to all PostgreSQL servers back to 7.3 (same like
> >     libpq3).
> I assume applications linked to libpq3 should be able to connect to
> PostgreSQL 8.0 servers.  Is this correct?  (According to a few tests,
> it is.)

Right, it is. libpq4 == libpq3 with a few symbols removed that were
not actually intended to be used. I. e. you can use both libraries to
connect to servers from 7.3.something to 8.0 (and probably even later
versions). However, the idea is to always use the newest version and
to fade out the usage of libpq3.


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