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Re: PostgreSQL transition ahead

Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org> wrote:
> I will upload the new packages to unstable very soon.  This has a
> reasonably big impact to all packages that depend/build-depend on
> PostgreSQL since the package structure changed a bit:

> (1) postgresql-dev was split into libpq-dev (for client apps like
>    postfix or pygresql) and postgresql-server-dev-<version> for server
>    extensions (like postgresql-plruby and postgresql-ocaml).
> (1) makes all packages FTBFS that build-depend on postgresql-dev

If this applies to any package Build-Depending on postgresql-dev (and
actually linking against the library) you've missed at least one
package - exim4. So if I am right you perhaps should doublecheck your
list for completeness. Thanks.
                cu andreas
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