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Re: Debian

Kern Sibbald wrote:

>I've just been looking at the new Debian Sarge release 3.1, and it looks very 
>interesting.  I'm not 100% happy with my Fedora FC3 system, so am thinking 
>about loading it here and trying it out. It is quite a learning process 
>though needing a lot of time ... :-)
Well, i will be more than happy to help you with that, if you so desire :-)

>However, in looking through the packages, I see that they distribute just 
>about every backup package that exists, *except* Bacula.  Can you tell me why 
>Bacula is not on their list? 
Sorry, Kern... but which list have you looked up in?
(this is so that we can have it corrected as soon as possible)

Bacula has indeed been released with Debian 3.1 "Sarge": version
1.36.2-2sarge1 [1] or [2] (which is, as you might remember, 1.36.2 with
all fixes from 1.36.3 backported to it)

> If not, can you tell me who I should talk to 
>about resolving any problems they may have with Bacula?
There are none, don't you worry.
The only problems we had previously (due to license incompatibilities),
you solved them very promptly and appropiately, by making a small
license change(the exception to allow linking OpenSSL in, even though it
is GPL-incompatible); This was almost a year ago.

Since then, the only times when Bacula has not been included in the
"candidate" set of packages (the /testing/ distribution) have been those
when i had problems solving problems with the auto-configuration
scripts; Even then, those were just about three times in the last couple
of years [since i packaged and started maintaining Bacula for Debian]
In fact, that is the reason why i hardly ever update the DEBs in
SourceForge anymore: it is usually much more convenient for users to
apt-get them. However, i still upload "snapshots" when i am satisfied
with their quality --which does not happen so often--, so as to have
another backup.

Thank you, indeed, for your contribution to Free Software.
This release is a bit better just by including your work, Bacula -- just
like it is because of the remaining circa nine thousand packages.

Kind regards,
    José Luis Tallón

[1] http://packages.debian.org/bacula
[2] http://packages.debian.org/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl? \   

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