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Re: Bug#311997: ITP: gaim-latex -- gaim plugin wich translate LaTeX code into image in conversation

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 02:28:55PM -0400, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> > At some point, you do need to execute something on your machine, else
> > you may as well unplug it and find something else to do.  I understand
> > what you are saying, but we can't put everyone in a small padded room.
> > Based on your assessment, we would have cause to seek the removal of
> > latex, vi, emacs, cat and less.
> Ummm, I think you've missed my point. The thread is discussing a GAIM
> (instant message client) plugin. So that script is not run by you, it is
> run by an arbitrary stranger sending you an instant message, but on your
> machine and as you. That's why its a problem.
> Looks like if you installed this package, I could send you an IM and
> overwrite an arbitrary file on your machine.
> [This is just judging from the code snippet posted; don't have time to
> fully audit the software.]

OK.  My mistake.  I understood the program to run the code on your
machine and then send the graphic across the connection.  I think that
would be more usable (only the sender needs gaim-latex) and much safer.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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