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Re: Linux / Debian / Ubuntu

Could you point me at a RealPlayer for each and every platform Debian

No, but real player's core (Helix Player) is open source. The codecs are use restricted to personal use, and the codec source is available *for porting only*, under a a binding contract. (This they label a Eula, but you must print it, sign it, and send it in, so there is no doubt that it is legally binding.)

RealMedia is apparently even kind enough to offer the RealPlayer branded version of the Helix player under (GPL|| RPSL).

Therefore it is theoreticly possible to obtain or make a realplayer branded player with full support for the RealVideo and RealAudio for any playform Debian is available on.

Note: RealPlayer 10 branded helix player + RealCodecs 10 != RealPlayer 10 Linux. The difference is that Realplayer 10 Linux includes a few additional components. (Flash, Mp3, etc.)

RealPlayer branded Helix Player:
  (GPL||RPSL) [TRADEMARK restrictions would apply]
RealPlayer's Codecs:
  Non-Libre, Gratis personal use [EULA]
RealPlayer Codec Sources:
  Non-Libre [Gratis binding EULA/NDA]

See https://helixcommunity.org/content/licenses

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