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Bug#311859: ITP: im-switch -- Input method switch framework

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : im-switch
  Version         : 0.8
  Upstream Author : Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org>
* URL or Web page : Debian native package, and can get from svn http://kmuto.jp/svn/im-switch.
* License         : GNU GPL
  Description     : Input method switch framework
  im-switch provides the framework to switch default of input method
  on X Window System. Input method is usually needed by Japanese,
  Chinese and Korean to input their native language characters.
  By installing this package, input method, and conversion engine,
  you can use input method (XIM and IMmodule) soon without any more
  configuration. You can also choose your favorite input method by
  'im-switch' command.

 Package: im-switch
 Version: 0.8
 Section: x11
 Priority: optional
 Architecture: all
 Depends: xfree86-common, libapt-pkg-perl
 Installed-Size: 96
 Maintainer: Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org>

I sent the proposal about im-switch framework to debian-devel mailing
list also.

Kenshi Muto

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