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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

* Stephen Birch 

| Tollef Fog Heen(tfheen@err.no)@2005-05-31 18:06:
| > * Stephen Birch 
| > 
| > | The project seems to have established a mechanism for putting new
| > | packeges directly into Ubuntu.  Are new Ubuntu packages also put in
| > | Debian by the Ubuntu team members?
| > 
| > Yes.

Sorry, I originally misread your question.  They aren't necessarily
put in Debian, but they may be.  It depends on whether the person
uploading to Ubuntu is also a DD or has a Debian sponsor.

| Let me give you an example.  I filed an ITP this morning on a
| promising package called wifi-radar.
| After writing the ITP I discovered someone has already built a deb for
| Ubuntu and placed it on the Ubuntu wiki.  But they did not file an
| ITP.
| Normal debian etiquette identifies the maintainer of a new package as
| the first person to file an ITP.  So how is this coordinated with
| Ubuntu?

It's not coordinated per se, but this isn't a problem either.  If the
version in Ubuntu is modified from the version in Debian, they won't
be synced automatically.  If you want to work with the maintainer in
Ubuntu -- that's great and the result will hopefully be even better.

| Unless I missed the ITP and filed a double by mistake we appear to
| have two independent wifi-radar maintainers now. The Ubuntu one and
| the debian one. In this instance there isnt an issue, I just want to
| see the software packaged and I'll happily yeald to the other
| maintainer if he/she wants.  But I can see the possibility of a
| conflict in future when this happens with other packages.

If the person maintaining the Ubuntu version wants to make some
changes and those aren't accepted by Debian, it's just a forked
package with no harm done (except for any wasted effort).

| > | Also, when Ubuntu makes improvements to packages how do those
| > | improvements flow back to Debian?
| > 
| > Patches to bugs, debian maintainers picking up the patches from the
| > patch repository, inter-team communication.  It depends.
| Still looks more like a fork than a derivative ..... or a spoon :-)

It's both and not.  I think of a fork as «we want to do this
differently and we're not going to “waste” effort getting stuff merged
again».  Ubuntu isn't that; Ubuntu is trying to get the changes back
into Debian so they don't have to maintain their own versions forever.

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