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please help a poor student

Note- I began liking debian after i heard of it.
Please help this poor student by mailing me the CDs if
you have

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Ratikanta Rath from Angul(Orissa). I am a below
middle-class(above poverty) boy living in a village of
Jarasigha, near Angul town.

Two months ago, I heard of linux and I became
interested in it after I heard of it from my friend.
He described its features in a manner which made me to
lay awake whole night. I have a very low-end computer
with 5GB hard disk and 122MB RAM. It can boot from
CDROM. I am running WinXP Pro successfully on it. I
can not upgrade my PC due to money problems.

My friend gave me a live CD and i liked it. It was
BhavyaOS from November 2003 issue of LFY(I do not even
have enough money to buy magazines). I now wanted a
user friendly, stable and fast Linux. So I wanted a
good, user friendly, stable linux OS which can work
smoothly on my machine without crashing like WinXP

But I could not find a good, stable distribution
having very good GUI for a begginner which could run
on 122.8MB of RAM.

I don't have money either for buying. Here there is no
body to help and I don't know of any linux user who
can help other than my friend who can not help. I
don't have internet access. Please help this poor
student who wants to learn linux by mailing me some
good linux distribution CDs which can run on 122.8
RAM. I am writing this email from an internet cafe
from my friends email adress for requesting some
well-known kind persons for mailing me some CDs as I
can't buy them and they are sold in Angul very costly
(Rs 500 per distro). If you can understand my
situation please mail me some old distros lying in
your house.

I am soory if i caused any trouble to you.

My address:
Ratikanta Rath
At/PO: Jarasingha
Dist.: Angul
Orissa, India
Postal Code: 759143

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