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pdns-server testing


Saw your request for pdns-server testing... I took a copy of the package
(pdns-server_2.9.17-13_i386.deb) from

Looking at the postinst you now ship
and use ucf to install them under /etc

This seems ok as far as it goes but you still seem to ship
/etc/powerdns/pdns.d/pdns.local as a conffile and then the function
"splitconfig" seems to update that file without asking.

Later (after the two ucf calls) you then edit /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf and
/etc/default/pdns.... I'm not sure that editing these files in this manner
is compliant with section 10.7 of policy...
Mind you I'm not a Debian Developer!

Perhaps you could copy the /usr/share/pdns-server/ files to temporary
files... do your fancy editing on those temporary files then use ucf to
copy the temporary files into place?

As I say I'm not a Debian Developer so feel free to ignore me if I'm
poking my nose in wher it is not wanted!

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