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Re: RFC: A new video-related section

On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 14:17 +0300, Cesar Martinez Izquierdo wrote:
> El Viernes 27 Mayo 2005 14:09, Pierre Habouzit escribió:
> > multimedia seems more appropriate. most of the video player actually are
> > music player too, and some music player can show video with appropriate
> > plugins (xmms e.g.)
> >
> > though, that would mean that 'sound' won't have that many package. so
> > maybe we should rename sound into multimedia and populate it with video
> > players too ?
> I support renaming sound into multimedia and include video and sound stuff 
> there...

What about players that only play sound? Like mpg321 and friends?
That's hardly multimedia...

(and the set of libraries that deal with sound, bindings thereof, etc,
etc, etc...)

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