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sarge upgrade issue. perl 5.6->5.8 and libdb4

I just ran through a woody-sarge update, and (temporarilly) lost a
number of perl databases that an unpackaged app had created. Took me
quite a while to figure out exactly what happened, more time than a user
should normally be expected to put into debugging I think.

Woody's perl 5.6 uses libdb2. Sarge's uses libdb4. libdb4 cannot
natively open databases created with libdb2, and while this point is
stated in perl's changelog, I don't believe most users will read all 20
pages of changelog entries that have occured since then, and there
appeared to be no notification in the process of the upgrade that such
an issue would take place.

There is an upgrade script available, but afaict it's only reference is
buried deep in that changelog.

Sounds like a perfect place to use a NEWS.gz file and apt-listchanges,
if there's a way to enforce the installation of apt-listchanges.


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