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Re: Regarding unresponsive Debian maintainers (was: Re: Open-Source environments for Java)

El Lunes 23 Mayo 2005 23:22, Mark Brown escribió:
> On Mon, May 23, 2005 at 06:14:45PM +0300, Cesar Martinez Izquierdo wrote:
> > I was refering to bugs without any activity (ignored bugs).
> If you mean bugs with no response ever rather than bugs that have just
> not seen any reponse recently saying something like "no response" rather
> than "no activity" might be clearer.
> --
> "You grabbed my hand and we fell into it, like a daydream - or a fever."

Well, while I would NOT include forwarded bugs in "not active" bugs, I would 
include bugs that received some initial attention and after that there was no 
other activity in the bug for (let's say) one year

For example, the maintainer asked for more info, the user submitted the 
requested info, and then there was no activity in the BTS for a year.


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