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Re: what to do about fluxbox?

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2005.05.21.0149 +0200]:
> So the diversion here are leftovers which weren't deleted. Oh oh,
> fluxbox, things are looking bad.

So apart from

  test -d /etc/X11/fluxbox && rm -rf /etc/X11/fluxbox

in postrm, which could potentially delete data installed by the
user, 0.9.11-1 *did* try to clean up the diversions:

  if [ "$1" = "remove" ]
      dpkg-divert --package fluxbox --remove --rename --divert \
    /usr/bin/bsetroot.blackbox \

      dpkg-divert --package fluxbox --remove --rename --divert  \
    /usr/share/man/man1/bsetroot.blackbox.1.gz \


Obviously, this is never called during an upgrade. I also wonder why
these two were removed when bsetbg was the topic of the triggering
bug #263512. Sorry, Matt, don't mean to put you in the spotlight,
I am just investigating...

So now we have two challenges:

  - clean up this mess. fluxbox should install the diversions in
    preinst/upgrade and preinst/install for bsetroot and bsetbg

  - it must not remove the diversions before removing its own files.
    I think this may have been the problem triggering #263512.

  - the goal is 0.9.11-2 to own diversions for the two tools and
    their manpages, such that it can coexist with blackbox.

Anything I've overlooked?

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