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Re: Questions about waste licence and code.

> If it where used I would suggest replacing it with

> #include "/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL" (or a file inside the source)

> and patch to make it use plain text instead of crypted data.

Yep in fact it was used as it said, by using the -L switch for both wastesrv and the admin command

I thought about doing so, but it seemed better to simply remove the -L switch for the following means:
-- The licence is already shipped within the package, and simply for _debian package users_ it is obvious to 
check it.
-- This way it is harmless with regards to the original code source: my patch is only putting parts 
of the code in comment.

BTW the different patches are at debian/patches so you can have a look on it and tell me what you think of it..

Then, still it is unclear if the licence is really GPL or not.. I've not heard from the original author, nor managed to find
a main copyright holder or an emai.. only I got the user ml..


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