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Re: RFC on mysql 4.1 in sarge

On Wednesday 18 of May 2005 17:23, sean finney wrote:
> - people often symlink the mysql datadir (/var/lib/mysql) and logdir
>   (/var/log/mysql) to somewhere else, such as /usr/local
> - because these two directories are in the files.list of woody's
>   mysql server, upgrading to packages in sarge leads to the symlinks
>   being removed and replaced with empty directories.

I think the most cleanest solution would be to use dpkg diversion for the 
directory. It is possible but the /var/lib/dpkg/diversions file have to be 
modified by hand.

I've beed reported with similar problem about /var/www -> /home/www symlink 
and the diversion was helpful.

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