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Re: Debian Woody -> Sarge upgrade report

On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 04:21:13PM -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Last night (when I should have been working a project for my advanced
> algorithms class) I decided it was time to upgrade my personal server
> from Woody to Sarge.  I am writing this email im the hopes that the
> release team and devs find it helpful and that other users who upgrade
> can make use of the information.
> In summary, here are the things that I saw:
> 4. sslwrap upgrade completely choked over openssl
> In detail:
> 4.  The upgrade to sslwrap tried to generate an ssl certificate.  For
> some reason (I suspect becuase I have created my own CA), openssl
> errored out, causing the sslwrap postinst to fail.  This caused me
> repreated problems as it would hang up the postinst of other packages.
> I finally copied /etc/ssl and /etc/sslwrap off to another location,
> purge both openssl and sslwrap, reinstall both, remove /etc/ssl and
>  /etc/sslwrap, and replace them with my backup copies.  I am not sure
> why this happened, but I am pretty sure it is a bug.  I have not yet
> filed a bug since I am not sure if it should go against openssl or
> sslwrap.  Sugestions would be appreciated.

Hmmmm. I run with my own CA signed cert and had no problems with a
Woody -> Sarge upgrade of sslwrap on Friday. Can you send me your
/etc/sslwrap/debian_conf and the output of
"grep sslwrap /etc/inetd.conf" (assuming you're running it from inetd)?


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