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Re: Recurring problems since upgrade of openldap2 (2.1 -> 2.2)

Hi Torsten,

> Hi Michael, 
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 12:09:15AM +0200, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> > I don't know which package I should file this bug against, but since the upgrade
> > of the openldap2-packages I'm seeing these errors quite frequently:
> > 
> > chown:
> > /home/roland/debian/openldap/build/2.1.30/openldap2-2.1.30/libraries/libldap/cyrus.c:468:
> > ldap_int_sasl_open: Assertion `lc->lconn_sasl_ctx == ((void *)0)' failed.
> This looks quite likely like the problem is in libldap2. In fact a bug
> report about this issue is already filed. I am still not sure what the
> bug is all about. Seems like libldap tries to open a sasl connection
> twice for some reason and want's to make sure that this is only done
> once. 
> Not to mention that you probably don't need SASL. Could not reproduce
> this yet and it seems that it normally occurs with ldaps or failover
> configurations.

I'm still seeing these problems every now and then - could you please send me
the bug-number, such that I can at least track any news about regarding the

Seeing the problem enter stable is not to my liking...


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