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Re: Questions about apt-get upgrade/install semantic

Daniel J. Axtens dijo [Fri, May 06, 2005 at 01:36:06PM +0800]:
> > and not
> > "apt-get upgrade <package>"
> Possibly because apt-get upgrade is used to upgrade the whole system,
> not just one package. My guess is that the developers didn't want to
> overload the upgrade command.

It is not only that - It is because apt-get is an infrastructure
manager, not an individual package manager. dpkg does work on single
packages, but apt-get works on the whole collection - and it could
lead to inconsistencies if you let apt-get do a half-assed job and
upgrade just one out of many packages - There might be dependencies
down there, and this kind of command would not follow them (or would
be inconsistent with the user's wishes of upgrading _only_ that).


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