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re: packages missing from sarge


I'd like to raise the question of apt-proxy. I discussed offlist with
JoeyH and he wasn't keen, but now I've done a few tests and have more
confidence that this is worth raising.

apt-proxy comes in two flavours - the old shell-based one and a new shiny
python one. The most recent shell-based one is apt-proxy-1.3.7, in t-p-u.
The most recent python-based one is apt-proxy-1.9.28, in unstable.

Currently, the package is held out because of #304182. However, that is
against the python version, 1.9.28. AFAICT the shell version is fine.

Proposal: allow 1.3.7 into sarge, on the following basis -
 * woody has 1.3.0, ie it's used by current users of stable
 * I don't understand hinting-foo, but it appears it's been hinted in:

The package was removed from sarge in November, for some other RC problem.
JoeyH is concerned that there has been so much flux since then that
allowing the shell version back in will cause more problems than it's

To try to allay these fears, I made a few tests. So far it looks ok.

1. clean install of an x86 box with d-i rc3, just base.

2. install apt-proxy-1.3.7 from t-p-u, and then take t-p-u out of
   sources.list again

3. install a bunch o' packages on the host, with sources.list pointed
   at the proxy service (http://localhost:9999).

   This worked pretty well once I got apt-proxy.conf set up properly.
   The only problem I could see in /var/log/apt-proxy.log was warnings
   from /usr/bin/stat about using a deprecated argument.
   So Joey was right to worry. I've attached a patch that addresses
   the warnings.

4. clean install a second x86 machine (d-i rc3 again), using the proxy.
   This worked well, installing 400+ packages without missing a beat.

5. try a couple of simultaneous installs (eg rhythmbox & tons of depends)
   Again, things worked smoothly.

The above doesn't exercise all the code paths in apt-proxy.
For one, I haven't tried apt-proxy-import. The other main question mark
I guess is the rsync functionality, I don't know how much rsync has
changed over this period. Would someone care to try these things out?

Since it's a shell script, I'm going to assume there are no arch-specific

Thanks for reading. I have the apt-proxy.log if that's needed.


diff -ruN apt-proxy-1.3.7.orig/usr/sbin/apt-proxy apt-proxy-1.3.7/usr/sbin/apt-proxy
--- apt-proxy-1.3.7.orig/usr/sbin/apt-proxy	2005-05-10 23:11:30.000000000 +1000
+++ apt-proxy-1.3.7/usr/sbin/apt-proxy	2005-05-10 10:55:51.000000000 +1000
@@ -80,12 +80,12 @@
 #	file_size(file name)
 if [ -x $STAT ] &&
-   [ "`$STAT -tl /dev/null | sed "s,/dev/null 0 .*,PASSED,"`" = "PASSED" ]
+   [ "`$STAT -tL /dev/null | sed "s,/dev/null 0 .*,PASSED,"`" = "PASSED" ]
 	[ -z "$1" -o ! -f "$1" ] && return 1
-	set -- `$STAT -tl "$1"`
+	set -- `$STAT -tL "$1"`
 	[ -z "$2" ] && return 1
 	echo $2

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