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Re: packages missing from sarge

Hi all,

The following two packages are the only ones not in testing that I 
currently use.  Note that both are in woody, so it would be good they 
also shipped with sarge. (packages maintainers cced, in the hope they 
might fix these themselves).

(Note: I'm not a dd, so I can't fix these myself.)

> apt-proxy
Bug: #304182 apt-proxy-v1tov2 generates empty timeout value.
(Tags: patch, pending - has been pending for 2 weeks now.)

Synopsis: The script that upgrades old conf file to the new conf file 
generates fault config.

> partimage
Bug: #294953 partimage - refuses to restore image on i386 which is 
created on s390.

Synopsis: partimage seems to be i386 only, yet is still built for other 
arches.  The changelog for 0.6.4-10 says:

partimage (0.6.4-10) unstable; urgency=low
  * Change to i386 only! Closes: #268248
 -- Sergio Rua <srua@debian.org>  Wed, 13 Oct 2004 12:16:25 +0100

So it seems that the changes in 0.6.4-10 were insufficient to really fix 

Andrew V.

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