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debian package of cogito-0.9 available

Hi folks, I'm a wanna-be new maintainer.  With the helpful guidance
of Anibal, I've been working on a Debian package of Cogito.  Cogito is
Pasky's distributed revision control system on top of Linus Torvalds'
GIT directory tracker.

I know there's an ITP for Cogito (#304602), I've tried to contact the
people involved but I have not heard back from them yet.  I hope I'm
not stepping on anyone's toes here!

I think the package is ready for a wider audience.  I just updated it
to the just-released upstream version 0.9, it's available here:


It's lintian & linda clean, _except_ for missing manpages.  There are
no manpages in the upstream, I'll be working to write them over the next
week or two and I'll offer them to the upstream maintainer.

What do you think?


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