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Re: GPL and linking

On 5/6/05, Humberto Massa <humberto.massa@almg.gov.br> wrote:
> ??? Let's try again: '' The GPL tries to define "work based on the
> Program" in terms of "derivative work under copyright law", and then,
> after this definition and a colon, it tries to explain what is a
> "derivative work under copyright law", but gives a wrong explanation,
> which would remain wrong even if only USC 17 was considered as a global
> copyright law. ''
> See? The GPL says, in its section 0, caput, with [] braces mine:

Except what you're calling a paraphrase of the "derivative work" concept is a 
restatement of the "work based on the Program" concept.

Then again, other things you say, such as 'The GPL tries to define' shows 
that you're not really interested in talking about what the GPL is or what it's
saying.  The GPL does define "work based on the Program".  There is no 
element of "try" here.  The GPL -- not your email -- is the authoritative 
document about what the GPL does and does not define.


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