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Debian maintainers and the Launchpad

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 11:56:45AM -0500, Adam Majer wrote:
> I think all other distributions based on Debian do change the Maintainer
> field. If someone wishes to be a maintainer for Ubuntu (or Kubuntu, or
> Gentoo, or Linspire, or RedHat, or ...), then they can apply with a
> given distribution.

Yes, of course.  I can only speak for Ubuntu, but it is of course not our
intention to claim in any way that Debian developers are necessarily Ubuntu
deveopers.  Personally, I did not get that impression from the web page that
started this thread, but I can understand your perspective, and would like
to know if there are specific changes to the page which would help you to
feel more comfortable about your name being present on them.

I think that it makes sense for us to reflect the fact that Ubuntu uses
packages which were originally developed, and continue to be maintained, by
the Debian community.  This is a strong point for both communities: sharing
of code is one of the core principles which allows Debian and Ubuntu to
produce the work that they do.

Allow me to explain a bit about the purpose of this application.

This portion of the Launchpad application, when it is completed, will
provide a composite index of all of the packages available in Ubuntu and in
Debian, and link together various information about them.  Each Debian
package will correspond to a page on the site, and it will display (among
other information about the package) the name of its maintainer, regardless
of the status of the package in Ubuntu.

This information will be heavily cross-referenced with other resources, so
that (for example), a Debian maintainer will be able to visit the site, and
see all of their packages, which versions are present in various Ubuntu and
Debian releases, any patches applied in Ubuntu relative to Debian, relevant
Ubuntu bug reports and other resources.

The purpose of this tool is to allow for more efficient collaboration, both
within Ubuntu and Debian, and between Ubuntu and Debian.

There will be distinct web pages for the Debian and Ubuntu contexts for
these packages, even if the source package itself is bit-for-bit identical.
If it would be desirable to change the way that this information is
presented, this is something that can be discussed between the Launchpad
developers and the Debian community.

I'm CCing Kiko, who can be a point of contact for the Launchpad project.  If
any Debian developer has concerns about this subject, please feel free to
contact him.

 - mdz

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