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Re: Publicly available mbox archives of debian mailing lists + Bug#161440


Lex Hider <alexeijh@westnet.com.au> wrote :
> > On 10:26 Thu 28 Apr     , Martin Mewes wrote:
> > > http://mbox.mewes.tv/ exists :-)
> >
> > Great! This is exactly the kind of thing I'm after. Probably the
> > month-by-month approach is most beneficial to me. I do think that
> > it's a pity that this doesn't exist for before Nov-2004 [not your
> > fault Martin, just making a general point].
> Just realised that it's from 2002. D'oh!

All Debian-Mboxes are contributed by Rene (Debian-DD) to this project 
and I only asked for archives back to Jan-2002. If there is more demand 
I will happily add older ones as well.

bis dahin/kind regards

Martin Mewes

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