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Re: Ubuntu and its "appropriation" of Debian maintainers

On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 05:08:04PM +1000, Ben Burton wrote:
> So I guess all I'm saying is that, if you're choosing whether or not
> to attribute packages to the respective debian maintainers, there's no
> obvious default that won't upset somebody (either through lack of
> recognition, or through being blamed for problems that aren't their
> fault).

Oh but there is, it just needs to depend on whether modification has
occurred. So for unmodifed packages,

  Foo Bar <foobar@debian.org> is the Debian maintainer of this package
  (which has been copied from Debian)

and for others

  Silly Ubuntu Person In Question <silly@ubuntu.com> is the maintainer
  of this package (based on work from Debian)

or the team that did it or whatever.

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