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Re: mplayer 1.0pre7

A Mennucc wrote:
> mplayer 1.0pre7 is ready and packaged at
> http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mplayer/sarge

If you are familiar with Christian Marillat's unofficial packages from <http://debian.video.free.fr/>, would you mind summarising the major differences between his package and yours? I'm just curious to see what formats, etc, had to be removed for Mplayer to be accepted into Debian.

The script that downloads binary codecs for unsupported media types is a nice touch. I see that it downloads the codecs from (mirrors of) Mplayer's own site; I guess therefore that having the script check cryptographic signatures of the downloaded files is out of the question. The script should probably be altered to check the downloaded files against the MD5SUMS file on the Mplayer mirrors, however.

Anyway, thanks for preparing the package and dowsing the flames; I hope it's accepted into the archive soon!

Sam Morris

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