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Re: Temporal Release Strategy

Moin Patrick!
Patrick Ouellette schrieb am Freitag, den 22. April 2005:

> > And the more time passes, it becomes more and more complicated since 
> > additional transitions might be interdependent with a transition making 
> > the problem even more complicated.
> > 
> You are very good at repeating "this will never work."  You are

Please, do the math (literally, the particular are is stochastics).

> > People who want stability use stable.
> > 
> It is not true today.  What is true is people who are not running
> hardware less than 36 (or so) months old have the option of running

<the rest of usual standard bitching about woody-out-of-date-ness deleted>

> People are not able to choose by their desired "comfort level" of
> stability.  If anything, my proposal might allow people to choose which
> version they want to run based on their desired level of stability -
> instead of what will run on their hardware.

And I still cannot see the innovation in your idea. It is basically a
second testing with stronger conditions - and the current one has
already failed in respect of the original requirements.

<stockholm> Overfiend: why dont you flame him? you are good at that.
<Overfiend> I have too much else to do.

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