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Re: list of packages on private website

Re: To debian-devel@lists.debian.org in <20050225153200.GC31037@meitner.df7cb.de>
> > I would like to put on my homepage list of packages that I maintain. 
> > I suppose that the easiest way would be to fetch this information from 
> > ldap database. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, and I'm sure some of 
> > you have already similar lists on your websites.
> Otherwise, try something like
> $ grep-available -FMaintainer fenio -sPackage
> (Don't forget "dselect update" before.)

For the record, I'm now using the following wml snippet:

 <: open F, "grep-available -FMaintainer 'Christoph Berg' -sPackage -sDescription -dn|";
    while(<F>) {
      $pkg{$_} = "<a href=\"http://packages.debian.org/$_\";>$_</a> - ". <F> ."<br>\n";
    close F;
    foreach (sort keys %pkg) {
      print $pkg{$_};

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