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libsilc package policy violations (bug #273871)

Tamas SZERB wrote:
> once upon a time, I closed this bug. then the submitter reopened it,
> so currently I don't give it a f*ck. Our opinion are different, so if
> you feel any ambition to get the both sides together, feel free to
> volunteer. :)

This package's violation of Debian policy on the packaging of shared
library packages is a fact, not an opinion. You have given no sound
reasons why this package is not correctly versioned, or given any
indication that you understand the issues at hand, such as how it is
expected to retain compatibility with existing packages when the API or
ABI undergoes changes (indeed, as it has just done upstream).

In your favour, you have correctly not closed this bug because it is not
fixed. Unfortunately this release critical bug is preventing the
propogation of any SILC-based software into testing, and hence Debian's
iminent sarge release. This is not a good situation for our users, and I
would like to be able to enable Gaim's SILC plugin. Hence I suggest one
of the following courses of action:

a) you correct the package issues yourself in the ways we have outlined
in the bug; or

b) you admit to not understanding the issues involved in packaging a
shared library, and orphan or put this package up for adoption forthwith; or

c) you do nothing (or close this bug without fixing it, whereupon I will
reopen it) and I refer a this bug to the technical committee for them to
ruminate upon over the course of several months, essentially
guaranteeing that no SILC-based software will be released with sarge

I'm sorry to issue an ultimatum like this, but you have clearly
indicated you are not willing to fix the package - indeed, far worse,
you have stated that you don't care that it's broken - and everyone I
have sought advice from on this issue agrees that you are in the wrong here.


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