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Provide a DocBook/XML version

Package: vera
Version: 1.12-1

Please provide a dbk version of vera, as this can be used
by document authors (automatic inclusion of used glossary
entries is supported by docbook-xsl!).  [Note: Maybe it's
easier to use dbk as source format and generate info than
the other way around.]

Btw.: You should ask upstream, whether he likes to change
the GFDL of vera into GPL (or to dual license it).

Example for DocBook glossary from

<!DOCTYPE glossary PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
<glossary><title>Example Glossary</title>
This is not a real glossary, it's just an example.

<!-- ... -->


<glossentry id="xml"><glossterm>Extensible Markup Language</glossterm>
  <para>Some reasonable definition here.</para>
  <glossseealso otherterm="sgml">SGML</glossseealso>


<!-- ... -->


<glosssee otherterm="sgml"/>

<glossentry id="sgml"><glossterm>Standard Generalized
  Markup Language</glossterm><acronym>SGML</acronym>
  <abbrev>ISO 8879:1986</abbrev>
  <para>Some reasonable definition here.</para>
  <glossseealso otherterm="xml">XML</glossseealso>


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