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Lesstif bug breaking other software, no action for two months

There are two[1] open bugs: 

  * #287187 assigned to lesstif1-1, priority important
  * #279402 assigned to xastir, priority minor[2]

that are essentially the same: A bug in lesstif breaks menus of 
software that are using it.

I've provided information about a working patch on both of these 
bugs (and tagged them with +patch) over two months ago, but there 
hasn't been any maintainer action on either of these bugs since 
then - nor in lesstif in general. Meanwhile lesstif has been NMU'd
twice during last month.

Now, as sarge's release seems to be really approaching I've started 
to wonder if we are going to be stuck with this annoyance until etch.

Would a NMU for this be allowed, and even accepted in sarge, if 
someone[3] is willing to do a third NMU in a row for lesstif?


[1] As I am not the originator of neither of those bugs, I've been 
    vary on merging them or reassigning #279402 to lesstif (where 
    it belongs).

[2] In my opinion, minor is too low priority - while this bug doesn't
    make the software totally unusable, it's quite annoying and makes
    it very hard to use for new users (who doesn't remember, or even 
    know, what the incorrectly displayed menu items really say).

[3] I'm not a DD, but I can provide the patch as a ready to be build 
    diff on top of lesstif 1:0.93.94-11.2 if that will be any help.

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