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RFC safte-monitor debian package

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Hi Folks,

I have a project called safte-monitor for which i've recently made a
debian package (it is not in debian and there has not been an ITP)


- From the web page "safte-monitor reads disk enclosure status
information from SAF-TE capable enclosures (SCSI Accessible Fault
Tolerant Enclosures). SAF-TE is common on many intelligent SCSI disk
enclosures and some rackmount servers with SCSI hotswap drive bays.
safte-monitor can monitor multiple SAF-TE devices and will
automatically probe and detect them.

The information retreived includes power supply, fan, temperature,
audible alarm, drive faults, array critical / failed / rebuilding
state and door lock status. safte-monitor logs changes in the status
of these enclosure elements to syslog and can optionally execute an
alert help program with details of the component failure. This could
send a pager message for example. Temperature alert limits can also be

The project is almost 3 years old now and has had a reasonable amount
of testing - it has been in SuSE Linux for some time also. I recently
made a 1.0.0rc1 release as I thought it was about time to go 1.0. This
recent release has had 122 downloads of the source, 88 RPM
downloads, and 69 deb downloads and all with no complaints so far; so
i'm reasonably confident it is working okay :) (at least on x86).

So now for you guys. I wonder if any of you out there have SAF-TE
capable SCSI enclosures and are willing to test this out as I'd like
to eventually put this forward for inclusion into debian at some point
soon (perhaps tagged for unstable only). Here is the package
repository (source and x86 binaries):

# safte-monitor
deb http://oss.metaparadigm.com/safte-monitor/debian/ ./
deb-src http://oss.metaparadigm.com/safte-monitor/debian/ ./

Any constructive criticism on the packaging would be useful. It is
lintian clean and has manpages and docs. It has only been built on x86
as far as I know. Don't flame me if it doesn't build on big-endian,
send me a patch instead :) . Any feedback from developers who could
test this on other archs buildds would be much appreciated.

So please send me feedback (preferrably those with SAF-TE hardware
although constructive tips on the packaging would be useful too).

Then at some point in the future I'll ITP it and look for a sponsor.


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