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How to superceed one package with another?


I've been the maintainer of tuxracer, a codebase that has been dead upstream
for quite some time, after upstream went proprietary. PlanetPenguin
Racer (ppracer), a tuxracer-derivat based on the last GPL version of tuxracer,
has recently been packaged and uploaded into the archive by  Alexander Schmehl.
As ppracer is actively maintained and superceeds tuxracer, I wish to
remove tuxracer from the archive, including sarge (i know, it's short),
and provide users with a transition path to a same-but-superiour game.

I am not sure on the necerssary requirement, but are the following steps 
correct for a smooth transition?

tuxracer, tuxracer-data    => planetpenguin-racer, planetpenguin-racer-data

1. Upload new ppracer packages with
   planetpenguin-racer Conflicts/Replaces:  tuxracer
   planetpenguin-racer-data Conflicts/Replaces: tuxracer-data

2. After above has been accepted into the archive,
   upload empty,transitional tuxracer(-data) packages with
   tuxracer Depends: planetpenguin-racer
   tuxracer-data Depends: planetpenguin-racer-data

3. post-sarge, ask for removal of tuxracer packages

Thanks for your advice.
	Oliver M. Bolzer

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