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Re: Where to install ROX applications?

On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 06:17:33PM +0100, Tony Houghton wrote:
> I was thinking of something like /usr/share/rox-desktop/Apps (I would
> probably make a meta-package called rox-desktop anyway, to conveniently
> install a nice bundle of applications), but that would mean having to
> move the binaries into /usr/bin and modifying the AppRun scripts because
> /usr/share is arch-independent. Several ROX developers seem to be rather
> against that and it would make packaging a little harder.
> A location within /opt would satisfy both the FHS and the ROX community,
> but not Debian I think, because I've never known any other package to
> use it.

I removed an Apps dir in the old package for rox-filer which was located
in /usr/lib exactly for that reason. An arch-indep dir like /usr/share/rox 
it's the perfect location for that kind of contents. BTW, you are
welcome on the rox ML on alioth for this kind of issues.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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