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Re: More DDTP problems

Hi Martin,

On Monday, 04 Apr 2005, you wrote:
> danielmb@debian-ba.org wrote:
> > 
> > The questions below were posted at long time in the DDTP-Coors list, but
> > weren't replied :(((
> > 
> > IMHO the ddts code needs a revision to correct bugs, I am wrong? This
> > revision is possible? I can help.
> It needs a thorough source code review before it can be reactivated
> again.

I am currently on that (started last weekend). Jeroen sent me the CVS
tarball. I hoped to finished it at the weekend but it's more than
expected and i did not yet understand all code. 

Perhaps it is also a good idea if some more people could go over the
code, as many eyes see more than two eyes do.

Joey, would it be okay for you if i/we think that the code is okay, i/we
send you a signed mail including the md5sum of every file? Or is the
md5sum of the tarball enough?


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