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Re: The sarge release disaster - some thoughts

Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > Also, bear in mind that if we'd have done that, then we would still be
> > where we are right now, but would not have the debian installer ready to
> > release with sarge.
> Maybe. But AFAICS there are only few developers that have worked on
> both, b-f and d-i. So how would keeping b-f have damaged d-i? Maybe it
> would give less motivation and so not attract enough new developers, but
> from my point of view, it just has been the other way round. d-i people
> took over debian-boot overnight and most previous b-f people
> disappeared because of feeling beeing replaced.

Unfortunately (?!) only very few people were motivated to work on b-f
to get it in proper shape for any release after potato.  We may have
had working b-f earlier than working d-i but that's only speculation.
I believe that the chances are good that d-i was ready earlier still.



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