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Re: Right of a maintainer not to respect FHS

Hi Pierre, 

On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 09:28:22AM +0200, Pierre THIERRY wrote:
> I have a problem with a bug filed on r-doc-html (#300765). The
> documentation was entirely in /usr/lib, and it seems that all R packages
> have all their files under /usr/lib, whatever their type or purpose.

How is that a problem in itself? I agree that those files should move to
/usr/share but that may be a problem to get done. I'd suggest putting
them in /usr/share and adding symlinks in /usr/lib. For invidual files
this is too much work though - it could work for directories.

> SHouldn't he get the approval of the release team or ftpmasters before
> doing such an arbitrary downgrade?

He did it seems. And anyway it is his decision how much work to spend on



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