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Re: How to find out why a package was removed from testing?

I demand that Martin Michlmayr may or may not have written...

> * Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> [2005-04-01 19:28]:
>> - its open bugs (one RC, but worked on)

> http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/hints/vorlon contains

> # bug #295060
> remove wwwoffle/2.8e-1

> So, yes, because of an RC bug.

gxine's RC bug (289412/295344) was fixed in 0.4.2; the current release is
0.4.3, which I released a week ago. The bug is marked "fixed-upstream".

I'm currently awaiting a response from the package maintainer wrt getting it
back into sarge (I hear via xine-devel that he's busy). I'll prepare an NMU
if somebody will sponsor it, preferably uploading it to some suitable DELAYED

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