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why allow broken packages to get all the way to mirrors?

It seems there are only minimal checks, so developers can unwittingly
upload broken packages.

Wouldn't a nightly
$ for package in all_of_debian
do apt-get --print-uris install $package; done > /dev/null 2>errors_for_inspection
done at Debian Headquarters 'catch' them before they are allowed to go
on to the mirrors?

Even if the package is only "broken until tomorrow, whereupon the
upload will be complete", that too should not be allowed to propagate
to the mirrors until ready.

Package xxxx has broken dep on yyyy:
Why isn't this same apt-get check that the user does, also get done
beforehand by the archive patrol?

For instance, let's say we are a food company. Why not check to see if
the food is rotten before it gets to the consumer?  With an apt-get
dependency test done on the archive server, we can easily perform the same
'sniff test' the consumer does before he puts our products in his mouth.

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