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Re: unixODBC vs. iODBC

On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 09:53:57PM +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Debian currently ships two ODBC driver managers, unixODBC (source 
> package "unixodbc") and iODBC (source package "libiodbc2").  These 
> basically do the same thing.  Every package that wants to provide 
> database access through ODBC has to pick at build time which driver 
> manager to use.  That in turn forces the user to set up each ODBC 
> drivers twice, once for each driver manager.  This process must seem 
> pretty arbitary from the user's point of view.
> I'm not attached to either camp, but here are some data points:
> - Currently 18 packages use unixODBC, 11 use iODBC.
> - Both myodbc (MySQL ODBC driver) and psqlodbc (PostgreSQL ODBC driver) 
> build against unixODBC.
> - unixODBC comes with a buch of GUI tools, iODBC does not.
> - Both are still developed upstream.
> - libiodbc2 has been RFA'd by the current maintainer for over a year.
> - The lastest PostgreSQL ODBC driver fails to build with iODBC.
> Well, you can guess what my pick is.  Other comments?

Qt in Debian must build against libiodbc2-dev because otherwise it would
have a circular build-dependency with unixodbc.

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