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start-stop-daemon ulimit

  I've worked out a trivial patch for start-stop-daemon to enable it
to set per-process ulimits before starting up daemons.
  It looks for a file called /etc/limits/name_of_daemon, containing
something like:

  # This is a comment
core	soft 	2048 
core 	hard	4096
nofile  soft	100
nofile  hard	200
nproc	soft	50 
nproc	hard	150
cpu	soft	12
cpu	hard 	15
data	soft	120000
data	hard	135000
fsize	soft	14000
fsize	hard	15000
rss	soft	10200
rss	hard	14500
stack	soft	120000
stack	hard	130000
memlock soft	15000
memlock hard	17000
as	soft	10000000 # this is in bytes
as	hard	10000000

  If the file does not exist, the daemon is loaded without limits
(as usual), while if it does exist, the specified limits are 
enforced. In case the file contains errors, the wrong lines are
skipped, causing a warning to be outputted (unless the --quiet option
has been specified), while the remaining limits are still loaded. 

  This should mean for the patch to be completely backward 
compatible, and completely transparent to the init.d scripts,
debian users and DD.

  This patch thus allows to set up ulimits for all daemons on
a debian system in a consistent way, without having to deal with
daemon specific configuration parameters or having to modify the
init script. I consider this particularly important, considering
the problems that may be raised by oom killer, poorly written daemons,
and generally resource exaustion on loaded servers..
  And, after all, the user would still be free to use ulimits or

  The patch is in a ``works for me status''. I've already opened a 
whishlist bug against dpkg (302079), but I'd really like to know 
what other think about it and if it works on other systems too. 

  You can apply the patch by entering the dpkg source dir and
running something like patch -p2 < diff_file. Note that the patch
modifies just the configure.in and the start-stop-daemon.c, so
the directory /etc/limits is not created when installing the
resulting .deb files. You should take care of it manually.
You can cut and paste the configuration file above for a
full example. The patch should even work on kfreebsd systems,
but haven't had the chance to test it. Don't know much about
hurd or other *bsd. For more information about limits, please
look at man setrlimit.

  Please carbon copy replies to my email address, since I'm
not subscribed to the list (too high volume) for my internet


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