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Re: Bug#271505: RFA: webmin and usermin packages

Hi Jaldhar,

it's maybe a bit late on this. Nevertheless I would like to contribute.

"Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar@debian.org> wrote :

> Prospective maintainers should be proficient in perl as that is the
> language webmin/usermin is written in.  They should also have the
> patience to deal with novice users.  Maybe group maintainence would
> be a good idea and if something like that is setup, I might be
> willing to join.

I am an Webmin-"Official" and am co-ordinating the translators of this 
software. If you need any help in packaging this software I would 
gladly join the team as a sub-maintainer.

In the end I do need advice in packaging, but I do have experience with 
end-users of the software.

bis dahin/kind regards

Martin Mewes

Bei der intendierten Realisierung der linguistischen Simplifizierung
des regionalen Idioms resultiert die Evidenz der Opportunitaet extrem
apparent, den elaborierten und quantitativ opulenten Usus nicht
assimilierter Xenologien konsequent zu eliminieren!

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