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Re: Bug#295131: JFTR: sdl(glib2.0) vs. wx2.4(glib1.2) only affects scorched3d

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 03:11:32PM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:


> Sarge and sid have the same SDL version. You are basically comparing
> libsdl1.2debian-all and libsdl1.2debian-oss.

Yes you're right. I didn't notice that I'm using -all on my box.
> > Any reason for such huge disproportions? That's where we got libglib2.0.
> > Scorched3D built on sarge works fine and doesn't link against libglib2.0.
> That's an indirect dependency (brought by libarts), that you won't see
> if you pass --as-needed to ld. However, this is not enough, as users
> having libsdl1.2debian-{all,arts} installed will still get this
> dependency at runtime, probably leading to segfaults.

So I suppose that Conflicts: libsdl1.2debian-{all,arts} isn't a solution?

ARTS users won't be able to use Scorched3D then :/
> > Also seems that other distros have wxgtk2.4 linked against libglib2.0 and
> > libsdl doesn't linked against any libglib.
> > This way most other distros have scorched3d linked against libglib2.0, but
> > only because wxgtk2.4 and not libsdl.
> This may be because they are building a GTK+2.0 version of libwxgtk2.4.
> > I'm not sure what to do now. Is it possible to link our wxgtk2.4 against
> > glib2.0? Or unlink libsdl from using libglib?
> I'm afraid there is no miracle solution. Getting wxgtk2.5 to install
> together with wxgtk2.4, if possible, would be a good option. IIRC, it's
> possible to rebuild WxWidgets 2.4 against GTK+ 2.x, but it requires
> changes in the applications because of the move to UTF8.

Hmm, so I wonder how it's done in other distros where wxwidgets uses
gtk2.x. Or maybe they don't use `apt-cache rdepends libwxgtk2.4`?

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