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Re: Emulated buildds (for SCC architectures)?

> > A much faster solution would be to use distcc or scratchbox for
> > crosscompiling.

> Debian packages cannot be reliably built with a cross-compiler,
> because they very frequently need to execute the compiled binaries as
> well as just compile them.

Umm, that is the _exactly_ the problem scratchbox was written to solve.
The idea is to have a chroot with crosscompiler and all the 
flex/bison/document generation/etc tools available as host binaries,
while the actual libs linked against are as the target arch debian
packages. When a binary actually needs to be run in the target arch,
it is executed either with qemu or via sbrsh and nfs on a real target
arch machine. 

As a consequence, most compilations are almost as fast crosscompiled as
on the host machine. The ones that are still slow, are the ones that
have a complex testsuite, like perl...

The are a few drawbacks why it currently can't be really used as debian 
buildd: First, host tools are somewhat hacked versions of the same tools 
in debian. For proper debian usage, they should be the same versions as 
what has been last uploaded to debian. The other one is that the 
toolchains should also be generated from debian packages.. Currently the
build process is kinda ad-hoc..

Incidentally the first problem should be solvable with the multiarch
proposal, and the toolchains need to be polished anyway.

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