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Re: Do not make gratuitous source uploads just to provoke the buildds!

Andreas Barth wrote:
* Mike Fedyk (mfedyk@matchmail.com) [050316 20:55]:
Andreas Barth wrote:
If that happens for a too long period, we might consider such an
architecture to be too slow to keep up, and will eventually discuss
about kicking it out of the architectures we wait for testing migration
at all, or even kicking it out of testing at all. Not waiting for such
an arch has happened and might happen again.
I think it makes sense to shorten the list of arches we wait upon for 
testing migration, but I fail to see the usefulness of removing an arch 
from testing.
If we don't wait for an arch, it gets out-of-sync quite soon, and due to
e.g. legal requirements, we can't release that arch. (In other words, if
an arch is too long ignored for testing, we should remove it, as we
can't release it in any case.)
That would be understandable with the intention to release all arches at the same time.  In this case the release should be at a different time *if* that arch is in a releasable state.  Otherwise, it is not released.

The point is that propagating to testing is very useful, and it still leaves the status of that arch to the porters.  With testing there for SCC arches, it everyone will just point to the porters for that arch if there is a propagation problem.


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