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Announcing PostgreSQL 8.0 packages and a new PostgreSQL infrastructure

Howdy to all database enthusiasts!

PostgreSQL 8.0 is out to the public for a few weeks now, and the
amount of emails asking "When can we get the debs?" is increasing
every day. In addition, the current structure and packaging of the
existing PostgreSQL 7.4 packages became too clumsy and inflexible to
be supported forever.

So some time ago, Oliver Elphick and I developed a completely new
architecture specification for PostgreSQL packages which allow to run
several major versions in parallel (which finally resolves the
upgrading hell) and to run arbitrarily many clusters (which makes the
package much more interesting for e. g. web hosters or safe

The detailled architecture description can be found at


After some weeks of hacking and sleepless nights I am now proud to
present the first usable set of 7.4 and 8.0 packages (in experimental)
for this new structure:

postgresql-<version>: server binaries

postgresql-client-<version>: frontend programs

postgresql-common: cluster management and frontend wrapper

In addition, there are new packages "postgresql", "postgresql-client",
"postgresql-contrib", etc., which provide a smooth upgrade path: they register
the existing database from the current Hoary PostgreSQL packages to the new
multicluster structure, clean up old stuff and immediately start the server
again. Please note that this process will install the 7.4 server/client. (Of
course you can additionally install the 8.0 server and client to play around
with the new version).

There is still a lot of work to do. But I feel that the packages now are mature
enough to be tested by a wider audience, and also to attract more developers :)

Take the plunge today and upgrade, test, and give feedback! i386 debs for Sid
(and source packages) are now in experimental.

If you just dist-upgrade to the experimental packages, your sid postgresql
package should automatically be upgraded to the new structure, your existing
database should be configured (check with pg_lsclusters), the new cluster
should run and psql etc. should behave as before. If you install postgresql-7.4
or postgresql-8.0 from scratch (i. e. without "postgresql" already installed),
you should end up with a fully functional and running "main" cluster.

If you are interested in development: the package is developed with
tla (or bazaar) in the following repository:

  tla register-archive http://arch.debian.org/arch/pkg-postgresql/pkg-postgresql-private@lists.alioth.debian.org--2005/

The following projects are relevant for these PostgreSQL packages:


If you want to work on them, either just check them out and send me
patches, or do it the arch way and branch off to your own repository
and tell me where to merge from.

Happy testing and databasing!


P.S. This is _not_ Sarge stuff. The detailled reasons are explained in


Martin Pitt                       http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer            http://www.ubuntulinux.org
Debian GNU/Linux Developer       http://www.debian.org

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