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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

Frank Küster wrote:
Would the task of setting up an archive for the fixed up sources, and
the resulting binary packages, be on the shoulder of the porters alone,
or would there be support by the ftpmasters, and especially by the
system administrators?  Will it at least be possible to host such an
archive on a debian.org machine?

It depends what's actually desirable for the ports; I can't imagine accepting builds from non-developers anywhere on ftp.d.o or scc.d.o or similar, but maybe for some ports that's more important than infrastructure support within Debian.

AFAICS creating a "proposed-updates"-like tree called "snapshot-s390" for preparing a snapshot would be straightforward, if it would be useful; and the snapshotting feature already discussed counts somewhat as infrastructure support.

[This I think should be the case]

The real question is how it would be used and what support would be useful. I haven't finished going through all my unread -devel mail yet, but I haven't seen much discussion of that from affected porters yet.

Will it be possible to get the fixed-up sources reintegrated in point
releases of stable?
[don't know whether this is desirable]

All things are *possible*. What's desirable is the question.


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