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Re: The 98% and N<=2 criteria

Frank Küster wrote:
For the porters to a specific architecture, this means they have an easy
way to get nearer to the 98% and the N<=2 criteria: Just convince the
maintainers of heavy-loaded desktop stuff, of big self-bootstrapping
numbercrunching applications, and whatever, to take your architecture
out of the Architecture field.

Err, it's even easier than that: they can mark the package as "not-for-us", and just not try to build it even if it's arch:any.

And this is not "cheating".  If KDE is of no use on m68k or for most
mips applications; or if 98% of sparc users[1] don't need a desktop, then
it's not unjust if those are simply excluded.  Remember, in the old days
before Vancouver ;-) it was mainly compiled for the benefit of the
_other_ arches.
And for the 2% of sparc users that do use KDE, it would probably be okay
to have a separate archive for such stuff.

If the package is going to be built, build it, upload it, and keep it maintained. If you're already willing to just send people off to random other sources, then you're not thinking "debian stable level quality" anyway, and the non-release-track / snapshotting approach is likely fine anyway.


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